Frio Days and Frio Nights to Frio Mind...

     Merriam Webster defines the word grind as something that weakens or destroys gradually, hence the daily grind outside the Frio Canyon is something I never want to experience personally.  My family is blessed to be surrounded by the healing waters of the Frio River on a daily basis.  And to be a part of Rio Bella Resort on the Frio also, well that's just peace and euphoria at its finest! 

     The Frio River seems to be the one thing that surrounds each of our memories, good and bad, and Rio Bella Resort has been a dream-come-true for all of us!  From the beautiful, crystal clear 1/4 mile stretch of river lined with age-old cypress to our very own ducks that inhabit the lily pads which overtake the water's edge, this piece of Heaven on Earth is something that everyone needs to witness for themselves.

     It is funny and heartwarming to see when our guests arrive on our piece of paradise.  They are ready to relax and enjoy Livin' on Frio Time if only for a moment.  Many show up stressed from their daily grind, or simply from their 4 - 8 hour journey with children ready to be at the river.  On the first day, we observe parents hovering over their offspring, followed by the second day as they are watching from afar, Then, like clockwork, the third day until the day they depart are the most fun for us to see!  At this time, parents are down at the dam enjoying the cool waters of the Frio or down at the park reading a book while lying in a hammock or spending time with family and friends reminiscing or playing volleyball, while their younger ones are roaming all over enjoying nature and finding new friends.  It is then that all of our guests, young and old, have truly relaxed and found their sanity from the hustle and bustle of the "real" world.  The transformation of our guests that arrive at Rio Bella and then later depart is a wonderful thing to see! 

     Family vacations to Rio Bella Resort on the Frio, are not only needed, but they are a necessity!   If you visit, you will learn to Frio Days and Frio Nights, and only then will you Frio Mind.